A gothic red and black aluminum european chainmaille necklace.

Gothic Red & Black Aluminum European Necklace

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This 14-16.5 inch long necklace is woven in a European chainmaille weave using over 140 aluminum rings.

Aluminum is hypoallergenic and low maintenance being just as easily cleaned as stainless steel and just as forgiving of chemicals and salt. Aluminum is not nearly as strong as steel but is far lighter. Even the heaviest pieces like feathers compared to the same work in steel or bronze. Aluminum can be anodized giving it its gorgeous array of colors. These colors are durable but can be damaged. Aluminum jewelry should be treated somewhat gently.

European weaves form one of the largest familes of weaves known. They include the classic chainmail weave used in european chainmail armor but also extend to dozens if not hundreds of modern weaves that relate back to that pattern.