A bronze jens pind linkage chainmaille bracelet.

Classic Bronze Jens Pind Linkage Bracelet

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This 7-8 inch long bracelet is woven in a Jens Pind Linkage chainmaille weave using over 100 bronze rings.

Bronze is hypoallergenic but, rarely, can temporarily color skin. Bronze is far more durable than pure copper and slower to tarnish. It antiques with a natural patina over time but can be restored to a shine easily with common household products. Bronze should be kept away from salt and strong chemicals such as bleach.

Jens Pind Linkage is a modern weave, though decades old today. It has a round rope-like profile with a noticeable twist, especially in denser variations. Basic JPL weave is one of the highest strength weaves known making for an extra durable choice.